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Welcome to Spring…?

After a long, snowy, blowy winter we are finally thinking about spring. Join us at the next Transition gathering on Wednesday, March 26 as we pack in a lot of activities, and hopefully some cake and visiting as well. We’ll be gathering at Bruce Peninsula District School.

At 6:30 we’ll be hosting what Tina believes is the 5th Annual Seed Exchange. Bring your seeds, pots, extra supplies and anything else you have to share with other gardeners. At 7:15 Jim is hosting a showing of the Canadian-made documentary Petropolis. This film examines the impacts of the Alberta Tar Sands from the amazing perspective from the air.

Here’s a link to the HD trailer:

Please join us for this important film, and a great evening with people who are really happy to be out of the iron-grip of winter.


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Permaculture Resources

Thanks Peter and Erin

A big thanks to Peter and Erin and their assistant who regaled us with great stories and home-movies (Oscar-worthy for sure) about their adventures in permaculture. I think everyone there agreed there was great energy, and a very accessible message for all us new permaculturalists. Peter wants people to know that he is an available resource to us as we begin our own adventures in the garden.

Here are the resources that Peter said he would make available. The books and internet sites are listed here. The online videos are linked in the special ‘permaculture’ section of the links area. Have a look around.


Christopher Alexander et al.

A Pattern Language

(this is in our collection: anyone know where it is?)

Peter Bane

The Permaculture Handbook

Darrell Frey

Bioshelter Market Garden

Toby Hemenway

Gaia’s Garden

(this is in our collection)

Sepp Holzer

Sepp Holzer’s Permaculture

Bill Mollison

Introduction to Permaculture

Rosemary Morrow

Earth User’s Guide to Permaculture



The Permaculture Activist (USA)

Permaculture Magazine (UK)

Acres USA: A voice for eco-Agriculture


See links under ‘Permaculture’


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Get Permacultured!

The North Bruce Peninsula Transition Community would like to invite all our friends and neighbours to an evening session on Permaculture with our  resident expert, Peter Allemang. Actually, his residence is Purple Valley, but close enough.!

Peter, and his partner, spent part of the summer in Vermont getting their certification in this field so they can really and truly call themselves experts! They will be speaking to us about what they’ve learned, and show us photos of projects around their place. Who knows? One day we could arrange to visit Peter there, but for now we’ll host him.

Permaculture involves design, engineering, and architecture to create sustainable systems by which we can live with minimal impact and maximum output. It’s principles include putting the Earth first, because obviously we  humans cannot live without a healthy home.

Join us for an evening of learning and socializing. All our welcome: Tuesday, November 20th, 7pm at the school in Lion’s Head.

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Summer Fun

Harvest from the school's Transition GardenSally leading the discussionDinner is served!

We kicked off August in the best possible way – with food. Welcoming Chris and Sally from Transition Guelph, we listened with interest as they shared their knowledge of the challenges of Peak Oil and Economic Instability, and progress of their own Transition group which has been active longer than our own. We believe we are on the right track with the meetings, projects, and connections being made. Of course the hi-lite was dinner, and was it ever good: a collection of dishes almost straight out of people’s gardens. Thanks to all who came and shared.

There is really important work ahead. As citizens of the Northern Bruce Peninsula, we have the opportunity to exercise one of our democratic rights and participate in Bruce County’s upcoming planning review for the 3 Northern Bruce communities of Ferndale, Tobermory, and Lion’s Head. There is an extensive planning document that can be accessed in hard copy at the Municipal Office, or online at this link: .

Deputy Mayor John Bainbridge is maintaining a blog where he will be sharing his analysis of the process, so be sure to check that out at . That should provide some background to what is happening over the next few months.

In mid-September, North Bruce Peninsula Transition will be hosting Sabine Robart, the county planner leading this review. She will provide an overview of the document and process and answer any questions the group has. Following her talk that night, we will begin the process of identifying our concerns, goals, and contributions to this plan.

This is really important work that lies ahead. This is our chance to comment on how our communities build resilience and deal with the challenges that lie before us, so that our communities remain vibrant, resilient and joyful places to live lives. Please be a part of this, all are welcome. 

Dates for these meetings will begin in mid-September, we will alert you as soon as the players are in place.

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Earth Day

Join the rest of the world on Saturday, March 26th when the planet celebrates Earth Hour. Switch off your electrical appliances, toys, gadgets, lights, and doo-dads at 8:30, and find something fun to do in the dark for an hour. And if the activity is really fun and stimulating, then leave the lights out longer, and give Mama Earth an even longer break!

She’ll be grateful. Moms like breaks.

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Egypt…land of the free but hungry.

Anyone following the story in Arab nations right now cannot help but be awed by the changes taking place there. It’s mind-blowing really, with significant repercussions for all of us all around the world. As they search for democracy in their homelands, one on our side of the planet can remain transfixed for hours as technology brings us real-time revolution.


But as I dig around a bit, I am noticing that a layer of that onion has been peeled away, and these events seem to be about more than the quest for political freedom.

Check out these links, and if anyone has thoughts or – and this isn’t hard – more knowledge about how ‘Peak Food’ is playing a role in this, then by all means chip in. Goodness knows, thoughts other than mine are most welcome on this site!


From The Washington Post:

From The Montreal Gazette:

If you are a reader of National Geographic you’ll know: all of this indicates more difficult times ahead.


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We gathered up on this snowy evening, to spend an evening together listening to Graham share his thoughtful comments as he led us through the film Zeitgeist: Addendum.

 It was a very thought-provoking evening, and a great discussion followed the film. While we agreed to remain open-minded and question what we have seen, there is  no doubt there is much to ponder and even more to act upon. Building strong community ties and promoting local initiatives in the area of food, construction, and community seems as important as ever.

Here are some links to ideas that came out of our discussions. Feel free to visit them and add a comment below with your thoughts about what you have watched.

Here’s the link to the film. We watched Parts I, III, and IV.

Check out the Venus Project, with designer Jacques Fresco:

Here’s the clip Tim was referring to; 200 countries in 200 years:

Here’s a TED talk about changing education paradigms:

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