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In an effort to address the problem of pollinator the Canadian Pollination Initiative is creating a network that will raise awareness and increase pollination research. This is important: cultivate the biggest garden you can manage, but you’re nowhere without a steady stream of pollinators visiting and doing their thing. And it’s not just true for agriculture, it matter in natural ecosystems as well.

They following is from CANPOLIN’s website, and neatly identifies the reasons for moving informing ourselves about the issue of pollinator decline:

  1. A decline in pollinators and deficit in pollination is already documented.

  2. The problems being faced by the honeybee industry are becoming ever more complex.

  3. Future declines in both pollinators and pollination are inevitable with or without climate change.

  4. The international community is well aware of the importance of the topic.

  5. Agricultural, forestry and natural ecosystems will have to adapt to changes in pollinator distributions and abundances and it will be crucial to be able to predict these in order to design mitigation procedures.

  6. Canadian research has been at the forefront in determining the crucial importance of bees as environmental indicators.

  7. Expertise in all aspects of pollination biology is available among Canadian professors and scientific community

  8. There is a widespread understanding of the importance of the topic in Canada and of the need to train highly qualified personnel in all aspects of the subject.

  9. A “critical mass” of skilled personnel is ready to provide this training, along with a critical mass of people willing to learn.

If you think you are one of those willing to learn, then join BPEG as they host an evening with Tom Woodcock from CANPOLIN in Guelph. The information is on the sidebar under coming events. Links to CANPOLIN are also in place.

The Peninsula is special for a lot of reasons, but we know birds,  orchids, and endangered species like the Massassauga Rattlesnake really depend on a healthy Peninsula ecosystem. So do pollinators. Come and hear what you can do to help them bee here.


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